Mission O-Possumble Devlog 3

Welcome to a very special devlog to mark our official release! We’ve made several updates, including

  • a home dumpster so you know exactly where you’re headed when you want to go home
  • more building art so that you can be a real big city opossum and really get “In the Mood” (Glenn Miller style)
  • better and more animation to give even those mean streets a smoother look 
  • speed adjustments so that carrying your babies feels like you’re carrying more than your own weight
  • jazzed-up game over sequences so that whether you win or lose, you always have a reason to play more and play better
  • bug fixes so that you can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played

Our beta version went incredibly well, so we wanted to make some small tweaks to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We made “home” a big old dumpster that you can’t miss. That way, the objective “go home” has a crystal clear meaning. On top of that, we increased the speed difference between when you carry the babies and when the babies are following you. While more convenient, carrying babies should slow you down, and we’ve made that extra obvious. Furthermore, we added some bonuses for the scenes you see when you hit “game over”, both for victories and losses. We hope that seeing these will give our game that extra juice and that you’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment or disappointment (accordingly). We also made some crucial bug fixes in order to present the most effective experience possible.

Looking ahead, this is the end of the road for us, at least when it comes to the near future. This is the end of our collaboration as a team. If we were to continue work on Mission O-Possumble, we would like to add more levels and diversify our pool of enemies so that players can experience new kinds of puzzles and develop different strategies. We would also like to improve the minimap. We would like to put more symbols on the map so that the player can make better sense of their surroundings using the minimap feature. Another thing we would like to include in a future version would be a commissioned soundtrack to best underscore our story.

Slimy Bursting Trash Gremlin Steak Studios

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