Mission O-Possumble Devlog 2

Mission O-Possumble just got an update! We've got a few changes for the beta release:
  • your story starts where it ends - the level now loops around back to the beginning so that there's no need to backtrack
  • new and improved animation and artwork to give all the characters more life
  • everything needs balance - enemies are more difficult and the player now has more time until sunrise. We want you to be challenged... but not too much
  • lots of UI improvements to make it easier to keep track of your energy and know when you're in your enemy's sights
  • your babies can't always keep up with their tiny legs, so now you can choose to carry them on your back to help navigate through the more treacherous areas, with the drawback of moving slower
  • our raccoons got a makeover - no longer are they stationary obstacles. Now they move, screech, and attack if you get too close
  • setting the scene - every story needs some good exposition to draw the audience in

This update focused heavily on level design and ensuring the player has a less tedious experience. We wanted to have just the right amount of action and resource management. Carefully plotting out where the player can rest and assess before delving into the waves of angry raccoons and mobs of - well uh... mobsters - is key to helping the player complete their journey without too much heartache. Additionally we spent some time on the aesthetics to give the game a more unique style, and of course plenty of bug fixes.

For our next update, we plan to dig deep and get rid of any more bugs that are hiding from us. More refined artwork and animations will be made, too. Finally, we want to make sure everything is nice and juicy. 

See you next time!

Slimy Bursting Trash Gremlin Steak Studios


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Nov 30, 2020
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Nov 30, 2020

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